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Discovered at Amsterdam Dance Event 2011, launched at Miami Winter Music Conference 2012, a debut single on the mighty mau5trap… Frederik’s story so far is a fantastical one of Hollywood-level proportions, and it’s soundtracked by his unique Technicolour bass-laced electronica. But who is this young Danish producer? How did he achieve such a startling career kick-start? And why should YOU be listening to him?

To understand what makes a man sound so sick, first we must identify what makes him tick. A classically trained musician boasting cornet, French horn, piano and guitar skills, 20-something Frederik vibes to jazz while he’s cooking, loves all forms of bass music while he’s on the run and will happily boogie to a little pop, as long as it’s well produced and has an edge. He’s inspired by narratives, story-telling, typography, fashion, words, girls, and…. most importantly… All forms of great design.

Inspired by Linkin Park’s ‘Reanimation’ remix album and electronic indie rock bands like Veto, in his teens Frederik eschewed the classical noisemaking instruments of his childhood in favour a more contemporary armoury. A devout attendant at the churches of Noisia and Wolfgang Gartner, he began to develop a sound that is at once wholly uncompromising and immediately ingratiating. Created through a unique set-up that comprises myriad hardware synths, analogue processors and absolutely no MIDI whatsoever, he describes his sound “like it’s been crafted on heavy, rusty machines running on steam”. One cobweb-blowing blast on any of his productions and you’ll find it hard to argue otherwise.

Behemoth beats for the biggest of rooms, but delivered with distinctive twist, playful character, and deep, developed production skills, Frederik’s sound sits comfortably across a spectrum of dancefloors. And with heavyweight peer props that span from SKiSM to Porter Robinson, it’s clear his Hollywood-level tale to the top has many more exciting chapters…
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