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  • 4th February 2015
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I attended London’s Facebook bootcamp at the Brewery in Barbican last week
which was the first of its kind and with 500 people in attendance and a further
150 on a waiting list it was clearly very popular. I was attending as like many
I believe that Facebook is a crucial arm crucial spoke to the wheel of an
artists social media landscape.

The focus of the day was essentially to show the ways that FB can help your
business grow, in my case the ‘business’ being an artists brand. There was a
lot of focus on how spending money for advertising with FB pays off, and in
my experience it certainly does pay off for gaining further organic reach and
gaining likes even if it does seem to suggest you suddenly have a huge fan
base in Mexico!

What I took away from the day was that the main focus for 2015 for FB will
be VIDEO. This means the following….

Video Sharing:

Videos will be shared more frequently and more organically, taking
precedence over static images. I have been noticing this already. We posted
up a static image of an upcoming EP with links to Soundcloud and over 24
hours about 1700 people were reached. The next day we posted an 8 sec
video of the artwork on the side of a bus – 5700 people reached. So this year
its all about turning static image posts into video posts.

Facebook Ads

They have introduced FB video ads. This allows your band or music ads to
‘pop’ more than a static image and with fewer people creating (at the
moment) the cost per view is still good value. Jon Loomer has done a great
article on implementing this here

Desktop OUT Mobile IN

With 83.7% of daily users checking the site every day via their mobile devices,
you need to optimize everything you do for the mobile experience.
This doesn’t just apply to Facebook posts, but also twitter
pics, how your website looks and functions and how your email newsletter
looks on mobile devices. They made a point of mentioning that Mark
Zuckerberg must be bought anything to be approved to him on a mobile
device first, showing how important this is to FB and its future usage.

On a final note – this wasn’t mentioned during the presentation but something
that was shared with me whilst speaking to the hosts afterwards Vloggers not
Bloggers. From a music point of view this means interviews and reviews to
be presented in video format over written reports. There isn’t a lot of this
going on in the independent music world however its an avenue I’m keen to
explore and if you have any ideas in this area please leave a comment below.


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